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    • Learn The Vocabulary Of Comic-Con
      The post Learn The Vocabulary Of Comic-Con appeared first on Everything After Z by
    • Nephanalysis, Sitar, Wombat, And Other Words That Trended On This Week
      What do spivvy, smuggery, stingo, and schlemiel have in common? Sure, they begin with the letter S. But what’s more, they are also some of the leading lookups on since July 8. Since our introduction of it in our last trending writeup, our ticker has been tirelessly scrolling across our homepage.  And, we’ve continued to watch. So, let’s get st […]
    • Is It “Just Deserts” Or “Just Desserts”?
      Did the dictionary … get it wrong?! We once featured the word comeuppance as our Word of the Day. Comeuppance, as we define it, means “deserved reward or just deserts, usually unpleasant.” More than a few of our brilliant and devoted users, wrote in to inform us that there was a typo in the definition: just deserts should be just desserts. Was an S left out […]