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    • Amplify Your Attractancy With This Week’s Quiz
      Snowbirds and townies alike are wild about this week’s Word of the Day Quiz. | February 11 – 17, 2019 If the quiz doesn’t display, please try opening in the Chrome browser. Interested in Words of the Day from the past? Check out this one that we brought to life …     Tell us your favorite word from this week below (and share it … The post Amplify Your Attrac […]
    • Using These Words Will Make You Sound Like You’re From New York
      If you’ve ever watched a mobster movie set in New York—and let’s face it, most of them are—you probably think that talking like a New Yorker is as easy as dropping a few Rs and smushing whole sentences into one word. The dialect particular to movie depictions of New York City’s Italian-American community is one of the best recognized in the country, but it d […]
    • Presidents’ Day Isn’t The Real Name Of The February Holiday
      If you live in the United States and you’re anything like us, you might view Presidents’ Day as just another three-day weekend in February. But the story behind this important commemorative holiday is more interesting than you might think–especially considering Presidents’ Day isn’t the official name of the holiday at all. When was the first Presidents’ Day? […]