Where to put all those other ideas…

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I’ve been meaning to do this for yonks: Creating a place to give all those late night thoughts and flashes of inspiration (from the sublime to the ridiculous) somewhere to go.

If you find yourself up late with a whirly brain, or down the pub with your mates, and think of something that will change the world or make a great invention, check out Le Beer Mat blog.

Some already on there are:

Facebook & SMS Drunkometer
Wheelchairs for Beaches
Put Cats in Your In-Tray Instead of Work
1 Newspaper Please
Cat ‘Motion’ Sensors on Garden Sprinklers
Christmas Card Generator
Chores ~ And How Not to Run Out of Postage Stamps
Outside Air Conditioning
Self-Cleaning Fridge
Neck Brace Covers
Saving Coral with Floating Jetties
Tiger Balm in a Chapstick
The Three Year Marriage
Bedtime Book Cradle
Dynamo SatNav


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