Managing social media fatigue

September 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

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Social media fatigue may make us more ruthless about who we connect with, follow & subscribe to

Report Finds 22% of Online Time is Spent on Social Networks.

That’s the headline that landed in my inbox today. I’ll update the link if i get the chance… But it got me thinking: That’s a lot of time. If you do some calculations, that’s almost 2 hours (out of a working day).

Just a few years ago social media didn’t exist. So you COULD say we’ve lost almost 2 hours that would have previously been spent on email, research, client relations etc… (read ‘making things happen’). But these (almost) two hours are now spent making things happen in a different way. Thing is, ROI on this time is still elusive…

These days I unsubscribe more than I subscribe. 

Recently, I spent an hour deleting and unsubscribing  from dozens sites / forums / follows / networks etc. that were no longer relevant. After doing this my inbox has become far more manageable, bringing far more quality ~ and a lot less noise. Social media fatigue may make us more ruthless about who we connect with, follow and subscribe to. Can’t help feeling that this is a good thing. But managing it remains a job in itself.

However, it’s not just about what comes in. Where we need to be seen also falls into this category. Just how many places do you need to keep regularly updated? Your website, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn … to name only a few. It’s a wonder there’s any time left to get any actual paid work done! But somehow we make it so.


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