Easy News Consumption: Stellios, Are You Listening?

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29th September 2011

Following on from some thoughts about social media fatigue I am still seeking an easy way to get all the news I’m interested in delivered in a succinct way.

Spending time setting up my Google News page has helped somewhat. Yet on a daily basis – even weekends – I’m still sifting through emails that come in from Google Alerts, newspaper summaries (such as the great FT alphaville), newsletters, RSS feeds and of course Tweets on TweetDeck. One of the most useful – and most looked forward to – each morning is The Media Guardian Briefing email that brings me a summary of headlines each morning from all the UK newspapers (you can sign up for it here).

But what I really want is a bespoke email that contains all (and only) the articles, feeds and alerts that I’m interested in, laid out in newspaper format and delivered via email a couple of times a day.

  • I want to read it easily online
  • I want to print it out
  • I want it delivered to my Kindle

It could be delivered for free – as long as you don’t mind a few relevant adverts to come along with it. Or you could pay for it to have no ads. Big opportunities for advertisers here. It could be called: My News, Easy News (Take note Sir Stellios – you read it here first!), My Daily etc…

Who might like it apart from me?

  • Newspaper bosses could benefit (from a share of the ad revenue ~ see below) as they’d get their content out to a wider audience instead of continuing to lose revenue from falling newspaper sales.
  • It would be useful for PRs who could have a coverage Newspaper delivered each morning after a launch. You could set a different Newspaper for each client – and their competitors.
  • It’d be useful for taking to a job interview to show how switched on you were about the company (and its competitors) you’re going to see.
  • Or a commuter who’s printed it out for reading on the train to work.

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