Creative suffixes can leave you out in the cold

October 3, 2011 § Leave a comment


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An update to a recent post Email marketing is dead (apparently). A little while ago I received a marketing email telling me that I could send messages, using a particular service, for very little spend. It was a timely pitch. Tick. It had a typo in it. Tick removed. Everyone’s allowed a mistake once in a while ~ but in a marketing email?!

Anyway, my point is not that. It’s this:  I replied to alert the sender to the typo ~ only to be rejected by their server. We now enter sub-Tick territory …Brrrrrr…

It made me think that unless you have a domain that ends in the usual .com, .org, .info, etc., or you’re already known to the person or business you’re contacting, you may well find yourself restricted in terms of creativity, marketing, outreach and the ability to respond.

Given the amount of suffixes available these days, isn’t it time email servers lightened up to receive addresses that they pinged in the first place?

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