Agencies Making 7 Days Out of 5

February 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

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2012 seems to have started with a spark with more pitches, more opportunity within existing accounts and more awards to enter than has been the norm for a good couple of years. Everyone works hard 5 days a week. But why not get the weekend working for you too?

Having a couple of freelancers to hand that are willing to take up the slack can help your agency look slicker than slick. It is becoming quite the fashion. Some agencies even take on ‘night-time’ work by using freelancers in an opposite time zone, which effectively makes them a 24/7 operation.

Here are some of the things that freelancers are helping with while the rest of the office take a well-earned weekend:

  • List generation and maintenance
  • Blog research
  • Writing
  • Finding new journalist contacts that matter
  • Researching new editorial opportunities and hot topics
  • That copy still needs proofing!
  • An urgent press release need that pops up on Friday afternoon
  • Pitch research

Once you’ve found a couple of recommended, quality people with the skills you need that  you trust to do the work for you, respect their day rates for out of hours work, hand it over, and enjoy getting finding that on Monday morning you are further ahead than you were on Friday afternoon.


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